You will find productive and reliable solutions for your use from our extensive range of products. Our main manufacturing partners are:

Float Level Switches in brass and stainless steel to customer design, up to 5 level points. Temperature Switches also with mA- output. Small Standard Level Switches, see Finnish catalogue .
Magnetic Switches and Magnets, standard models and customer designed. See Finnish catalogue .
Inductive Proximity Switches, PNP/NPN- and analog output, IP68/IP69K- food and sea, welding. Inductive Proximity Switches, standard and semi-long sensing distances.
Photoelectric Sensors, PNP/NPN- and analog output, fibre optics, amplifiers, Colour Sensors. .
Safetinex Sensors and Amplifiers, cat. 4, for finger/hand/body protection.
Ultrasonic Sensors, Laser Sensors, PNP and analog output.
RFID– system for production and maintenance applications, robust components.
Inductive Proximity Switches, standard and special designs.
Photoelectric Sensors, Colour Sensors.
Ultrasonic Sensors.
Safety Sensors.
Food and beverage applications, inductive and photo sensors.
for most liquids, ultrasonic measuring principle.
Ultrasonic Sensors, PNP/NPN- and analogue outputs, housings in M12, M18, M30 and cubic
Double sheet / missing sheet detection
Edge Control sensors
Label Sensing sensors
LCA-2 Sensor Programming set
Several manufacturers
Capacitive Proximity and Level Sensors and amplifiers. Types for temperature -180°C …+250°C, housing in Ø6,5…M40, PNP/NPN- and analog output.
Small Float Level Switches, wide standard range in plastics and stainless steel from our stock. Types for mounting in horizontal and vertical positions.
Flow Sensors for liquids with low flow, small housing and output in pulses.
Pressure Switches. Body in steel and stainless steel.
Pressure Switches and Transmitters, good worth of price/performance.
Laser Sensors wide range for detecting i.e.
Object sensing, positioning C-LAS
Light barriers A-LAS , F-LAS , FLB
Colour sensors SI-Colo and Spectro series
Draw wire, linear
Linear potentiometers
Laser sensors for detecting i.e. objects and positions.
Microwave Level Sensors (TDR-sensors) for several materials
Potentio and Linear Membranes for direct installation on structures in machines and devices.
Eddy Current

We are glad to help you find other possibilities as well.
It is always useful to ask.